Bible Reading Plans for 2019

At the start of every year, it pays to make a plan for how you’re going to spend time reading the Bible.  This year we have a few recommendations for you:

The Bible in One Year

This plan was developed by Nicky Gumble to help his church Holy Trinity Brompton read their Bibles.  It has a great devotion at the start before working your way through a number of chapters from different parts of the Bible, making your way through the whole Bible in One Year!  This is the plan that our minister is using in 2019.

Tim Chester 3 Year Plan

Reading Plan

Tim’s Plan works your way through the Old Testament once and New Testament several times during a 3 year period.  It has the advantage is that if you get behind it doesn’t have daily readings, but weekly ones.  So you can easily catch back up.  This can be very helpful, especially if you are new to developing the habit of regularly reading your bible.

YouVersion Bible App

Available on your phone or on the web, this App has hundreds of different devotionals and Bible reading plans (including The Bible in One Year).  It’s a great way to read the Bible and it integrates well with social media, meaning you can share what you’re learning with others.  The social aspect also makes it easy to let your friends keep you accountable too.

Everyday with Jesus

Everyday with Jesus is a bi-monthly devotional booklet compiled by Selwyn Huges.  It is a very popular way of engaging in daily bible time with God.  If  you’d like to subscribe, let us know at church and we’ll add you to the list of people who get the book every couple of months.