Prayer Triplets

Jesus expects us and teaches us to pray giving us the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:2-4). That prayer opens with the words, “Our Father”, reminding us that, prayer is the invitation of a loving Father to his helpless children to speak with him and enjoy him.

Many have undertaken to write on and study prayer. The great 16th-century reformer John Calvin said, “Prayer… is the Chief Exercise of Faith, and by which we daily receive God’s benefits.” Prayer is a vital part of the Christian life.

Prayer Triplets are a helpful way for Christians to enjoy the gifts of prayer and fellowship. Meeting together regularly to pray holds us accountable to pray and encourages us as we see God work in our lives, in our fellow triplets’ lives, and in the lives of our friends and families.

Forming a Triplet

All you have to do is find two other Christians from church and commit to meeting regularly for prayer.

Ask one or two people from the church if they’d like to join you.
Agree on a time and location. You don’t have to meet for long, usually 30 minutes to share and pray is sufficient.
Think of 3 other people who don’t know Jesus who you engage with regularly and write down their names so you can pray for them together.

What to pray?

  1. Give praise and thanks to God for who he is and his many blessings in your life.
  2. Confess your sins.
  3. Pray for God to save your friends and family who don’t know Jesus.
  4. Pray for the specific needs of each of the members of the triplet.
  5. Pray for anything else on your heart and mind.
  6. Pray for God’s will to be done.


Don’t forget to share with your group the way God has answered your prayers since you last met. Encourage one another with these stories.

Please also share how your prayer triplet is going with others so that they too might start one and begin to pray with others.

Please also let Maree or Kerry or Chris know that you’re in a new triplet so he can pray for you as you begin this journey.

Click here to download an A5 guide for your new prayer triplet