September Sermon Series – Our Convictions

Join us this September in the lead up to our Annual Meeting as we take some time to reflect on our convictions.  Truths that inspire us to serve King Jesus.

Taking our lead from the Diocese of Tasmania’s vision we share their convictions.

  1. Jesus Christ is Head of the Church (1st September)
  2. And He has sent us to make Disciples (8th September)
  3. By Word, Prayer, and Service (15th September)
  4. Supported by fruitful godly leaders (22nd September)
  5. God being our provider, and us stewards of his gifts (29th September)

Join us each week as we see how these convictions arise from the Bible and how they should shape how we think and put into practice our vision to be a church for Lindisfarne, making disciples of Jesus.

You can listen to each week on our sermon podcast here: 

See below for all the sermons from this series: